5 Things to Keep in mind if you want to Startup

5. Decide your Goal as early as possible! Most of youngsters who want to open a Startup are very energetic and passionate about doing something different. And when they startup, they undergo so much pressure of so many things, it seems very difficult to decide what is next. Sometimes you lose track of the things you were quite sure about earlier. So, if you can decide your goals at early stage,

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Facilitating Startup Weekend Kanpur

Startup Weekend IIT Kanpur saw participation from 32 participants from different walks of life. While most of the participants were students from IIT Kanpur, there were some students travelling from Jaipur, professionals from far off places like Srinagar, Mumbai and Delhi. Even though almost every IITian was engaged in the Techkriti festival going on in their campus, there were some of these students who had a different plan for the weekend of 20th

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New Feature by Whatsapp to show if the sent message has been Read

Now this is right that most of the whatsapp users used to get confused whether their message has just been delivered or seen as well so earlier this year they made the time stamp optional. Adding more to it, you can now see if the message you sent has been read or not. This is simple- if the two check mark signs near the message turn to blue color, the message has

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Startup Weekend Tangori Gallery

I happened to organize yet another Startup Weekend in the Punjab region at SUS group of institutions in Tangori village around 30 Kms away from the city (Chandigarh). This is in continuation to the dedicated efforts of SACC- Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce towards sensitizing the students and professionals of Chandigarh tricity region for choosing Entrepreneurship as their career.